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‘How to’ Go Digital with Enterprise Content Management
featuring Leslie Turner, CRM, ERMp, IGp


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FreeDoc Consultant Leslie Turner

FreeDoc ECM Boot Camp

October 10th, 2022

FreeDoc – Training Room One
19015 36th Ave W, Suite A, B, C, D
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Hotel Accommodations Available
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About the Boot Camp

Windows 95 came out nearly thirty years ago! After 30 years accumulation of information, it’s almost impossible to accurately manage and share information, with full compliance. This is a massive security risk to your organization.  Add in the different software technologies (ever changing), and it becomes no easy task to bring order from chaos AND STILL meet everyone’s needs, much less be compliant with your legal and business requirements.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is what’s needed, but to onboard ECM takes a visionary approach. For an agency to even accept the IDEA of a dedicated ECM, much less actually pull off the migration and conversion of mountains of data, documents and records takes a wizard.  How can the average person do this?

This ECM Boot Camp is designed to help you do just that. This ECM Boot Camp is going to teach you the skills needed for a mature, agency-wide repeatable process you can use going forward.  This one-day course includes the best practices and tools any agency can use to prepare, plan and successfully implement ECM.

Session Topics Include:

  • Getting to “GO” – Enlisting Support and Commitment
  • Communication and Terminology
  • The Path Forward – An ECM Roadmap
  • Survival Gear
  • Running the Obstacle Course
  • The Finish Line

Space in FreeDoc’s ECM Boot Camp is limited.

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About Your Instructor – Leslie Turner

Course Instructor – Leslie Turner, CRM, ERMp, IGp

Formerly an Electronic Records Management Consultant for the Washington State Archives/Records Management program (2006 – 2017), Ms. Turner’s work included the development of training on the public records requirements for records and information management.  She also participated in the research to update the processes allowing statewide use of “scanning and tossing” protocols. Ms. Turner has been deeply involved with development of numerous retention schedules for state and local government.  She was the lead team representative from the Washington State Archives to develop the statewide Information Governance (IG) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Initiatives. This resulted in the award of statewide Master Contracts for ECM Software Systems.

Prior to her work at the Archives, Ms. Turner was a public disclosure coordinator for the Department of Ecology, processing and fulfilling upwards of 150 public records requests per month. Ms. Turner has also presented as a RIM subject matter expert at many state, regional and national conferences.

At FreeDoc ® Consulting, Ms. Turner leads training of best practices for use of Records and Information Management within ECM systems. Known as an energetic and entertaining instructor, course attendees are sure to be on the edge of their seat throughout this one-day course.

About FreeDoc®

FreeDoc® has provided full spectrum solutions for Enterprise Content Management since 1999.

We deliver:

  • Comprehensive Consulting for Information Management, with special focus on managing public records.
  • A proven four-point plan to achieve agency-wide compliance.
  • Specialized training at Winter Forum, a two-day annual conference and individual programs.
  • Technology awareness for reporting public records requests.
  • Installation, configuration and training for Laserfiche ECM solutions (Master Public Contracting – WSIPC).
  • Electronic solutions for e-signatures and e-notary.
  • Technical document services for you to scan, toss and go digital!

FreeDoc® has the skills and experience to tackle projects of all sizes. Contact our experts today for more information on how we may serve you.