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Upland FileBound® is a web-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.  FileBound was born for the cloud.  Any device can use it.

It’s simple.  Clear.  Concise.  Secure.  Stable.  Proven.

Its hassle-free & effective.

Gone is the need for a dedicated technical support team.  Setup & Administration are managed by FreeDoc®.

FreeDoc has been a certified FileBound solution provider since 2004.  Our turnkey process makes FileBound a great solution.  Its cloud-first nature allows us to develop the exact structure needed in days, not weeks.  Leave all the work to us.

Enjoy additional benefits by using our private capture & conversion scanning services.  FreeDoc converts your paper, email & electronic documents into images and data for web viewing.  Since 1999, 10 billion images have been converted.  Our production staff are highly tenured.  Their work is perfect.  Their success is your success.

Why wait weeks?  FileBound is an immediate cloud-based document solution.  Deploy in days.  Save your weeks (and your weekends!)

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