Laserfiche is the path to “digital transformation” of your agency.

It provides records management with business process automation across the enterprise.  Integrated with both electronic forms & workflows, Laserfiche is a world-class enterprise-wide content management (ECM) system.

Laserfiche sits at the pinnacle of electronic Records Management.  It is certified compliant by DISA JITC, a rare honor.  Few software systems ever meet the US DoD requirement to manage electronic information.

US DoD 5015.2, version 3 is the gold standard for digital records management.  Certification is your guarantee Laserfiche is going to handle your legal & public records for decades.

Get organized.  Go paper ‘less’.  On-premise or in the cloud, FreeDoc combines with Laserfiche as your local provider for digital transformation.  Streamline your agency’s business process.  Explore the possibilities.  Contact us.