Winter Records Forum 2020

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“Life Changing Magic of ECM, and,  

How to Prepare your RIM for the Forthcoming Change”

Thursday and Friday | January 23 & 24, 2020

Keynote Speaker – William Saffady, PhD 

“Records and Information Risk”

Certified Records Manager (ICRM) – 13.5 credit hours.

Information Governance Professional (IGP) – 16 credit hours.

International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) –  This program would be eligible for 1 IIMC CMC Experience or 1 IIMC MMC Professional Contribution point per educational day of attendance.

WAPRO – 6.75 credit hours (categories B, D, and E).

Comments From Past Attendees 

“Winter Records Forum sets a high bar for other training conferences.”

June Brown, Records Management Officer, DOR

Winter Records Forum 2020  

No one has time for the manual labor of crawling over boxes and clicking through shared drives.   We’ve had access to software systems for 40 years, so the daily operation of many agencies is stretched and split between paper folders in the file cabinet and electronic folders on a shared drive.   This practice creates unnecessary operational risk, adds to agency expense and reduces service to the public.   YOU CAN fix this.

So how do you prepare to make the transformation?

Get prepared with expert, world-class instruction and training! But first, before you can prepare for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), you must FIRST improve your RIM practices – break free from old practices and streamline your RIM!

This two-day workshop is designed to provide you the tips, strategies, hands-on exercises and tools to reduce operational risk  and improve the performance of your enterprise. 

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