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Improve Your Interactions with Citizens, Employees, Customers, and Suppliers

An Evolving Landscape

Transition to digital operations accelerated during the pandemic. Across the private sector and government agencies, everyone is looking to finalize their operations.

  • Onboarding paperwork once completed by mail or in person is now done online.
  • Contracts once signed by mail, fax or in person are now signed in the offices of executives.
  • Citizen services once done through a service window happened entirely through online portals.

Technology Adoption

The landscape of operations has made a dramatic shift, and many are discovering the adoption of technology is vital to a smooth transition.

Enterprise communication using Microsoft Teams and Slack has exploded. Enterprise Content Management using Laserfiche and FileBound has continued to expand and develop. These systems are great for communication, forms, workflow and records management, but there is one need that still exists: electronic signatures.

The Missing Link

Electronic signature, e-signatures, or digital signatures, are an established technology that has been given a renewed focused. Passed into federal law in 2000, the ESIGN Act confirms electronic signatures have the same legal standing as pen-and-paper signatures. Many experts consider digital signatures safer than traditional signatures and prefer to use digital over traditional handwritten signatures. This is due to the verification steps and audit trail recording, which are built into digital service process.

The Solution: OneSpan Sign

One such service is OneSpan Sign, a top e-signature services for over 25 years. Most of the Fortune 500 use OneSpan Sign because it allows the sender to white-label/private-label the transaction while many other e-signature solutions including DocuSign do not. Private labeling combines with an easy setup process, streamlined signing experience and industry-leading security and compliance. OneSpan offers the complete package to complete the move to digital signatures.

OneSpan enables instantaneous and secure delivery of signed documents. Rules are built into the process to ensure all signatures and data fields are filled before proceeding. Each submitted signature tamper-seals the document. A step-by-step audit trail records each field and signature as it occurs. A wide variety of authentication methods including SMS and Q&A can be used to verify the identity of signers.

Proven Successes

The City of North Las Vegas

The City of North Las Vegas uses OneSpan Sign to enable multiple officials to sign off of purchase orders in excess of $10,000. The city manager can use her phone and iPad to sign off on purchases as she is on the road. OneSpan also helps the city simplify common HR tasks, a key factor in saving time and improving operational efficiency.

Superior Courts of California, County of Orange

The Superior Court of California, Orange County uses OneSpan Sign to process vendor contracts. As one of the largest state trial courts in the United States, the Court has approximately 650 vendor contracts in process at any given time. Before OneSpan Sign, administrators had to print each contract and mail it to each authority. Now with e-signatures, the courts officials can instantly sign contracts no matter their location, reducing processing time from days to hours.

City Governments

Countless city governments use OneSpan Sign to allow citizens to apply for permits and interact with building inspectors. The flexibility of OneSpan Sign means that applicants can apply and sign for permits from home, as well as approve inspection documents right on the inspector’s laptop or tablet. E-signatures improve the experience for both citizens and city administrators.

Getting Started with E-Signatures and OneSpan Sign

FreeDoc is a OneSpan Sign Partner. We use and offer e-signature solutions alongside supporting services such as ECM (enterprise content management), records consulting, file scanning and storage.

If you are interested in e-signatures, or any of our fine services, please let us know. We would love to focus on your organization and its needs.  Complete the form below so a records consultant may contact you.


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