The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates employees spend 20% of their day looking for information in hardcopy documents and only finding what they need 50% of the time.

FreeDoc ® will skillfully guide you through the process of implementing a document management solution, so your organization can reclaim misspent time.

  • Digitize Documents

    We will help you convert your documents into a digital format that you can easily use or import into a system of your choice.

  • Organize Documents

    With years of experience, we will guide you as you decide how to organize your documents using industry standards and technologies.

  • Automate Processes

    Leveraging the ECM we will help you build and configure an automation process so you can begin redistributing newly acquired time.

  • Streamline Processes

    We will work with your organization to increase operational transparency and efficiency of processes.

  • Transform Processes

    Use analytics to identify the success of your newly streamlined processes.

With our expertise in ECM solutions, we will guide you in deciding which systems will best fit your organization and yield the highest ROI.

ROI with Freedoc
ROI without Freedoc

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