Looking for documents, or filing forms away from the office?  This is the new reality.

To remain sustainable, you must be able to access your knowledge base. 

You must secure your records.

We can help.  

With local support and local training, FreeDoc ® moves you out of file cabinets and records storage centers. 

We move you out of shared drives and into the cloud so you can file, route and view your records. 


FreeDoc ® software engineers bring fifteen years experience. Our work is perfect.

Our Records Management Consultants are world-class in their own right. 

Our scanning services combine with cloud-based software to bring you the full package. 

Safe, hands-free convenience.

With twenty-one years of Northwest operations, our customers continue growing with us.  Customers include the ‘who’s who’ of aerospace, agriculture, education, government, heavy manufacturing, legal, public utilities and transit agencies. 

You can be a success in this world.  You can securely operate at a high level. 

It’s our privilege to help you.  Let us know how.  Together we can do this. 

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Cloud based implementation of ECM solutions

Our support services are available by phone and email.  To get more information, please contact us here. We respond quickly.

  • Organize Documents

    With 20+ years of individual experience, our experts guide you to organize your documents using ISO and DOD 5015.2 standards. Likewise, and if applicable, we can also manage your records using the Washington State CORE measures.

  • Streamline Processes

    We innovate within your workflow, to increase operations, transparency and efficiency.

  • Digitize Documents

    Our Production Division converts your documents into digital format, with .99999% accuracy, for import into your ECM. As a result, we have served over 1 Billion documents!

  • Automate Processes

    Tapping into your current data sources allows you to automate and remove redundancy. Flatten the horizon. Save time, reduce risk. Scale for growth.

  • Transform Processes

    Use analytics to identify success and streamline bottle necks within your processes. Let us handle your enterprise document management and scanning.

ROI with FreeDoc ®
ROI without FreeDoc ®

Call a consultant to learn more about regaining lost time. Contact Garrett at (425) 977 – 4222, extension 222.

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