Do you feel life was once simpler and you were more effective? Across the enterprise, time is gained or lost because of ‘how’ work is done. We spend 2 hours a day looking for information. What can you do in 2 hours? Suppose 100 people where you work got their time back. What could they do? How would they feel after a year? Want to know? ECM is a game-changer. Let’s talk.

Drawing on 20 years experience, we guide executives and managers to modernize institutional work processes, with an eye toward future change. We innovate within your workflow, for you to achieve your goals! Let us work for you. Get more done in less time ©.

  • Organize Documents

    With 20+ years of individual experience, our experts guide you to organize your documents using ISO and DOD standards, and if applicable, the Washington State CORE.

  • Streamline Processes

    We innovate within your workflow, to increase operations, transparency and efficiency.

  • Digitize Documents

    Our Production Division converts your documents into digital format, with .99999 accuracy, for import into your ECM. Over 1 Billion documents served!

  • Automate Processes

    Tapping current data sources allows you to automate and remove redundancy. Flatten the horizon. Save time, reduce risk. Scale for growth.

  • Transform Processes

    Use analytics to identify success and streamline bottle necks within your processes.

ROI with Freedoc
ROI without Freedoc

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