Laserfiche® Hosting with Laserfiche® Cloud

The New Solution to Off-Premise Laserfiche

Solution Provider Hosting

In the past, an organization wanting to implement Laserfiche without all of the underlying hardware and software infrastructure required finding a third-party provider to host their repository. Setting up a Laserfiche ECM on a cloud services provider seemed like a natural first choice. However, the setup and maintenance required to accomplish this could easily become overwhelming and defeat the purpose of setting up a remote repository.

Managed Solution Provider hosting simplified the process somewhat. Extra care was still required to find and select the right provider able to maintain the security and reliability. Furthermore, the additional layer of management increased costs and still didn’t resolve some of the challenges of connecting the remote repository to the organization’s internal network.

Thankfully, Laserfiche recognized the need for a cloud-based solution and introduced their very own fully managed SaaS option Laserfiche Cloud. Running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Laserfiche Cloud is managed by Laserfiche, the same trusted company who provides the Laserfiche ECM software.

Eliminate the Challenges of Off-Premise Hosting

Using Laserfiche Cloud adds to its value by eliminating the need for IT infrastructure and staffing required to support the overhead of a local installation. This shifts resources towards improving agency business processes, lowering expense per resident (cities and counties), per student (schools) and per customer (PUDs, Water Districts and commercial agencies).  From a use case for justification of using an ECM, its helpful to know that with Laserfiche Cloud, an organization can productively recover 30% of the hours an employee works.  The expense for Laserfiche Cloud is less than two percent of payroll expense.

Additional benefits and functionality available with Laserfiche Cloud include:

  • Simple Budgeting: Monthly per user pricing simplifies budgeting and removes surprises associated with maintaining physical server hardware.
  • Built-In Security: Industry standard TLS encryption for data in transit and AES-256 encryption for data at rest ensures sensitive data is always protected. Intrusion detection systems automatically monitor for unauthorized changes 24/7.
  • Automated Backups: Encrypted and secure backups are made automatically to prevent the loss or corruption of important data.
  • Laserfiche Direct Share: This is a new feature allowing users to allow secure access to a document to someone outside of the organization. Laserfiche Direct Share allows a User to send a password-protected link to a resident document for review or acceptance. Each link is embedded with an automatic expiration date to protect it, and all direct shares are logged within the Laserfiche ECM. Every direct share is logged into the Laserfiche unified audit trail.
  • Laserfiche RPA: Laserfiche RPA (robotic process automation) automates manual repetitive tasks across applications, allowing bots to replicate user actions. It’s all done with a ‘no-code’ interface.
  • Laserfiche API: Create deep integrations with other software using the new Laserfiche API, which allows for custom programming to interact with the Laserfiche repository.

Try Laserfiche Cloud with a Three Month Free Trial

Thanks in part to easy setup of a new Laserfiche Cloud repository, we are able to offer free three-month trials to any organization interested in Laserfiche Cloud. This operational trial has zero obligation.

Firsthand personal experience helps you see how Laserfiche can help meet your needs. As a Laserfiche Platinum Certified Solution Provider, we can arrange for you to have a trial license for temporary use of the software.

Complete the form below to request a trial today. An experienced ECM Consultant will contact you today or tomorrow, to walk you through the process.


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