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Laserfiche is the secure path to “digital transformation” of your agency.

FreeDoc® is your partner.

Laserfiche sits at the pinnacle of electronic Records Management.  It’s certified compliant for the DoD requirements by DISA JITC.  Just twelve systems in the world meet the requirements.  US DoD 5015.2, version 3 is the gold standard for digital records management.  This certification guarantees Laserfiche meets the toughest requirement for electronic records.  If yours is a public agency, the benefits of certification make it a ‘must-have’ feature.

Laserfiche also integrates its records management with other data systems, electronic forms & workflows.  It is a world-class, enterprise-wide content management (ECM) system.

Get organized.  Go paper ‘less’.  FreeDoc combines with Laserfiche as your local partner to help make your digital transformation.  Streamline your agency’s business process.  On-premise or in the cloud.  Explore the possibilities.  Contact us.