What is Laserfiche?

An overview of Laserfiche and all it can do

Laserfiche Is

One of the most commonly searched questions regarding Laserfiche is simply “What is Laserfiche?”

Until now, this simple question has gone unanswered. Today, we cover the basics of Laserfiche document management and we dive into some of its unique features.

What is Laserfiche?

Enterprise content. Every agency or business has it.

Enterprise content is all of the data, documents, files, records and information that are used to run an agency or business. Enterprise content management (abbreviated as ECM) is the process of acquiring, retaining, managing and sharing content as needed.

Laserfiche is a software for managing enterprise content. Laserfiche is an ECM for your agency or business.

An ECM system is a software solution designed to manage an organization’s documents.

ECM systems have three basic parts: Capture, Storage, and Retrieval.

Capture includes basic ‘filing’ and so much more. Capture is the filing of content into the ECM. Documents can be native digital files such as Microsoft Office documents or PDFs. They may also be scanned or imported image files or photos. In an advanced ECM such as Laserfiche, documents may begin as an electronic form from a website.

Storage manages security. Documents are identified by metadata (data about data). Metadata helps a user search and retrieve a document. Within the ECM, metadata is like a street address or pair of GPS coordinates. Metadata tells the software components where the document is and who can see it. With metadata, a document can be categorized in a flexible folder structure and organized by department.

Retrieval provides access to documents. Access is managed according to security permissions given to a particular user. In addition to navigating through the file structure, an ECM can offer advanced search functionality based on rules of logic. Laserfiche’s search options go even further and allow a user to search both the metadata and the content detected within a document, as well. This ensures the correct document is retrieved quickly, even if the document’s metadata is missing a search term applied by the user.

Advanced Functionality

In addition to the basic functionality of an ECM, Laserfiche delivers a number of innovative features. These features can extend what is possible.

What is Laserfiche Workflow?

Laserfiche Workflow is a business process automation tool. It is built into Laserfiche so an organization can use automatic document classification, organizing, routing, and archiving.

The workflow within some ECM programs can require tedious coding. Laserfiche Workflow is different.  Laserfiche Workflow offers a visual interface with over 100+ pre-built activities. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, any work process can be automated. Routine or even complex tasks that used to take hours of staff time can be automated. In addition, there are pre-built activities for you to send emails, update Word and PDF documents, create and modify Office 365 items, interface with Laserfiche Forms, and more.

What is Laserfiche Forms?

Laserfiche Forms is just what it sounds like, a digital form creation tool. Forms are integrated with Laserfiche so an organization can create interactive, customizable digital forms to support complex processes that require routing and approvals. Laserfiche Forms can even run on a website portal to serve those outside the enterprise.

Similar to Laserfiche Workflow, Laserfiche Forms uses a visual drag-and-drop editor for the creation of digital forms and the process flows behind them. Centralized task management features show workloads, metrics, and even process bottlenecks.

What is Laserfiche Records Management?

Laserfiche Records Management is a collection of critical records management features to allow an agency or business ensure it remains in compliance with records-keeping requirements.

Using pre-defined rules, retention policies can be established to be automatically applied to a document on capture. Notifications can be set to alert Records Managers when a file, document or record needs to be archived or deleted. An audit log runs as a unified timeline to show all relevant retention information for a single record in one place.

What is Laserfiche Robotic Process Automation?

Laserfiche Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a cross-platform integration tool that uses software robots to automate routine tasks between systems.

A recorder tool allows users to create bots that record user actions that can then be performed automatically in the future. Bots can be edited using a visual interface as needed, and live tracking data is displayed to provide close monitoring.

What is FreeDoc?

FreeDoc is an award-winning Laserfiche Solution Provider. Globally recognized, FreeDoc is top Platinum Level Laserfiche Solution Provider. With over 22 years’ experience serving both large enterprises and government agencies, we help all types of organizations manage their records electronically. A qualified Laserfiche Solution Provder like FreeDoc allows organizations to use Laserfiche to its full potential. With experts in Laserfiche Workflow, Forms, Records Management, and Robotic Process Automation, we help organizations optimize business processes and better serve their customers.

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