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PSIcapture® by PSIGEN® is an advanced document capture software.  It is designed for production-scale volume.  Multiple products are packaged within a single suite of software.  Products include: Scan or Import, Classification, Data Extraction, Indexing, OCR, Migration and Batch Manager.

  • Enterprise capture:

PSIcapture automates capture from across the enterprise.  Scanners, MFP’s, folders, databases, websites or email are examples for source locations.

  • Complex workflow:

Need to meet complex & novel capture challenges?  Configurable customization is an important feature.  PSIcapture has more than 50,000 configurations.

  • ECM Migration:

Migration into your ECM is an important feature.  PSIcapture automates migration of finished files into 60+ ECM systems.  Our favorite ECM’s are FileBound and Microsoft SharePoint, or Office 365, you’ll be glad to know PSIcapture is designed to on-board documents straight into Microsoft SharePoint!