Laserfiche® and JavaScript

For the seasoned developer wanting to customize their Laserfiche system.

For the seasoned developer looking to get up to speed on Laserfiche®, we have provided a quick start guide.

API and SDK for Laserfiche® Rio is the developer’s gateway because there is rich data available within the enterprise content management system. An API and SDK are available for .NET Java and other libraries. Both an API and SDK for Laserfiche® have a Laserfiche Query Language (LFQL) and the development platform includes LINQ. This is a Microsoft® technology that establishes a single universal language to query data regardless of the data source. Understanding these concepts is required when building an API and SDK for Laserfiche frontend UX/UI for the Laserfiche® platform.

For those new to implementing JavaScript and JQuery – Click Here for the Getting Started Guide

Topics Include:

  • Syntax
  • Compound Selectors
  • jQuery Selectors in Laserfiche Forms
  • jQuery Methods, Functions, and Events

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