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FileBound for K-12 Education

Regardless of size, school districts across the country spend a lot of time working with both student and administrative documents. As many districts look to improve accuracy and gain efficiency, many ISDs are turning to FileBound to help them cut costs while improving the experience of students, families, and district staff.

Benefits of FileBound for Schools

  • Digital Records Storage: Reduced time to approve request and file or retrieve records. This frees district staff time to work on other tasks. All actions are done in compliance with state and federal requirements.
  • Reduced Office Equipment and Space: Reduction of copy machines, mailing expense and file cabinets opens up square footage of needed office space.
  • Standardized Processes: Faster turnaround time with less time spent by administrators on menial tasks.
  • Seamless Integrations: Integrate with existing systems. This reduces the need to bounce between systems and eliminates inaccuracies of manual data entry.

FreeDoc, FileBound & Schools

FreeDoc has over 20 years of experience working with schools and offers an extensive list of services to create more synergy and more benefits when implementing FileBound:

  • FreeDoc Consulting – Records Management Consulting: Our expert records management consultants bring decades of experience to help schools organize records and maintain legal compliance. Much can be improved when a third-party Professional Service provider assists with File Cleanups, Retention Schedules and File Plans.
  • FreeDoc Scanning Conversion – .999999 Accuracy of Scanning and Indexing: For something that is only done once, perfection is required. Our quality assurance is unmatched and allows you to transfer years’ worth of student and administrative records into digital format (FileBound, or a system of your choice) without ever touching a scanner. Our skilled production team, with over 10 billion images processed since 1999, has the tools and experience to deliver your exact specifications.
  • FreeDoc Records Center – Secure, Climate-Controlled Offsite Records Storage: Safe and affordable paper records storage as needed. Scan on-demand any records, as needed. No long-term contracts. When flat-rate, secure records storage is available, scanning and digitization is just a phone call or email away!

FreeDoc can help your school district effectively manage their records. For more information on how we have helped other school district, please visit K-12 Education Success Stories.

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Special Announcement

For those planning to take part in the 2021 WASBO Annual Conference, join as FreeDoc Consulting presents: “To Keep or Not to Keep”. Get the help you need for understanding and managing records retention schedules!

Focusing on public records retention, will be discussion of the Office of the Secretary of State’s applicable public records retention schedules for schools and Educational School Districts in Washington.

Register for WASBO Annual Conference 2021 today and keep a look out for “To Keep or Not to Keep”!

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As an award winning ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems reseller, FreeDoc® has been providing support and installation services to the public sector and private organizations for over 20 years.

FreeDoc® has been a certified FileBound® Partner since 2004.

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