Records Rehab

The mini series

Portrait of Leslie Turner

Hosted by Leslie Turner, CRM, CPRO, ERMp, IGp

“There was so much great information in the presentation I wasn’t able to write it all down.”

Donna Vitale Office Assistant II, Operations – Pierce County Emergency Management

“Leslie Turner’s trainings are always dynamic, relevant, reassuring . . . and entertaining! I always walk away from them feeling more confident and better equipped as a PRO. Thank you, FreeDoc, for providing these invaluable training opportunities.”

Harold McNeal Program Specialist, CPRO – Pierce County HR Administration

Our society is vulnerable to disaster.

COVID-19 certainly qualified. Were you prepared? Are you ready for the next one? Looking back, what would you do differently?

Today’s technology allows us to work away from the office. It’s all so convenient until we learn it also creates unforeseen risk.

How? Good question!

Business processes create business records. All records have retention periods. Some are short, some are long. However, these change over time. Public records come under the Public Records Act. Some have privacy controls and data that should be redacted. Are you attempting to manage this on shared drives?

Also, something else to keep in mind. A business process creates business records that contain data. This data is usually shared with other programs. Some data has privacy controls. But, how are you managing all of this?

Records Rehab, a Mini Series took 77 agencies on a four week cruise to better manage their digital business.  Course topics covered basic terminology and legal requirements.  Agencies learned how to manage their risk and control their expense.  They also learned how to prepare, engage and perform better for the benefit of their citizenry and staff.

This free webinar series aired from May 13 through June 3, 2020.

CEC – WAPRO approved sessions 1, 2 and 4 for 3-CEC hours (Category E) with WAPRO certification for attendance.

Additionally, FreeDoc® made a cash donation to the Hope Link Food Bank for each webinar attendee.

Upgrade your business processes.  Educate your staff.  Upgrade your systems and processes to more efficiently manage your business information.

Missed the Original Series?

FreeDoc is rescreening the series soon! See Records Rehab Rerun for details.

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