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Scalable Document Management

Document management that instantly scales to your needs

What does scalable document management mean? How does Laserfiche provide this?

Software should be scalable, because this easily grants resources like memory, storage, and processing capacity as needed.  Some organizations get steady requests for information and others get hit with peak periods.  In the old days this meant spending months to tweak or re-writing code and get new servers, just to make a few changes in your organization.  The advantages of cloud is you can change now and the same software can allow as many as needed to be configured and equal provide access to 1,000’s per hour.

Laserfiche provides 2 basic solutions:

  1. Traditional server software than run on servers powered by Windows Server.
  2. A cloud based platform independent of you internal IT infrastructure.
  3. Public facing forms portal to receive and process requests.

In today’s complicated world of regulations and strict enforcement, the Cloud gives security and flexibility. You need scalability environment because you learn how you can change your information landscape and match your customer’s needs.

FreeDoc ® an award winning ECM (Enterprise Content Management), reseller:

2020 top Reseller for Laserfiche ® RIO and Laserfiche ® AVANTE.
Laserfiche ® Resellers 2019 Winners Circle
58% of all US municipalities use Laserfiche ® for their ECM solutions
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