How To Improve Your HR Automation

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Welcome to the Digital Information Era. It’s been here for a while, and it’s here to stay. It’s probably time to update your HR processes with modern solutions that provide you more efficiency, transparency, and ultimately peace of mind.

FreeDoc® staff supported the WA SHRM conference attendees with an exhibit booth to share ideas, case studies, and solutions. On average the traditional HR system hasn’t been updated in over 10 years. These systems typically don’t meet compliance with State retention, have potential security issues, and cause frustration managing paper trails.

A modern solution can provide:

  • Automated retention and audit compliance
  • Increased security (DoD 5015.2 Cert.)
  • Electronic forms and workflows
  • Expedite access to records and information

FreeDoc® solves real life business requirements for HR departments. Check out this Case Study for more information and browsing: Ultimate Guide to HR

With processes to manage Human Resources records, we have helped preserve 1 billion digital documents. These documents are managed upon the agency’s network, or hosted and managed in our private cloud. If you want to improve in the areas mentioned above schedule a demonstration and we will show you how this could work for you.