Information Governance Seminar 2017

Laserfiche at conference

What a fantastic day of presentations and networking for Records and Information Management Professionals.

Most people know the way they handle records, information, emails, (you name it) is probably not the best. Industry legends and current case study presentations shared valuable ideas and tips for how to improve. Bombarding the shared drive or storing ALL EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS does not have to be the status quo. Just take a look at the data visualization that AWC put together to get a feel for the state of the union.

FreeDoc® staff supported the ARMA Seminar with two exhibit booths to share ideas, case studies, and solutions. In Washington we are blessed to have an Archives department that is promoting Records Mgmt and ECM solutions. Traditional systems typically don’t provide automated compliance with State retention, have potential security issues, and cause frustration managing “paper” trails or ROT.

A modern solution can provide:

With processes to manage records, we have helped preserve 1 billion digital documents. These documents are managed upon the agency’s network, or hosted and managed in a secure cloud. If you want to improve in the areas mentioned above schedule a demonstration and we will show you how this could work for you.

Please let us know your takeaways and some topics you are currently excited about. Reply to this message or complete the contact form.