Mercer Island School District: K–12 AP Automation

How one school district is automating their processes to focus on what really matters

Located midway between Bellevue and Seattle, Washington, the Mercer Island School District (MISD) sought to position itself and prioritize its resources for the best possible outcome of its students. With help from FreeDoc, the district recently implemented Laserfiche Cloud to automate it business processes, beginning with Accounts Payable (AP).

MISD embraces efficient solutions that allow its staff to focus on their students. Tyrell Bergstrom, Executive Director of Finance and Operations at MISD emphasizes, “Our mission, values and vision are centered on putting the child first, while recognizing opportunities for improvement and advancement. One of our long-term goals as a district was to invest in programs and technology to benefit the students, to strengthen our digital capabilities for years to come.

MISD worked with FreeDoc to implement Smart Invoice Capture to further automate AP. Smart Invoice Capture by Laserfiche uses machine learning to automatically pull printed information from invoices. “We implemented Smart Invoice Capture and it was night and day,” Bergstrom said. “It’s been a huge shift in our ability to be more nimble and spend less time tracking things down.

MISD has also seen the benefit of improved compliance with public recordkeeping requirements. “Our ability to store records and quickly search records is going to speed up our response time, and our ability to implement workflows is going to mean that we’re more accountable and we’re more efficient in what we do.” said Bergstorm.

MISD plans to migrate all existing files to Laserfiche Cloud. Decommissioning existing servers will reduce current maintenance and infrastructure costs. Other business processes, like HR activities for onboarding, retirement, position change and resignation are being evaluated for optimization with Laserfiche. Digital transformation is enabling the district to increase staff member efficiency, improving the student experience.

Laserfiche provides our staff with transparency, accountability and efficiency,” said Bergstrom. “Our district’s effort to become more technologically advanced and innovative in our processes is really an effort to help us be more thoughtful about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. And the more efficient we can be in our processes means we can spend our time finding ways to improve the educational environment for our students.

FreeDoc can help your school district effectively manage their records. For more information on how we have helped other school district, please visit K-12 Education Success Stories.

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